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Tawnie put the Polaroid down, satisfied with her shots, she went for her Ramen and slurped at the salty broth. Camping on their back porch was still fun, even in the new house.

“Can I see them now?” Penny knew she sounded whiney and didn’t care.

Sadie, her oldest sister, wasn’t paying attention, she was looking hard at each photo, her brow steadily creasing, “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”

The photos hit the deck and scattered and Sadie pushed herself into the backrest to escape them.

“What? What’s wrong” Penny jumped from her sleeping bag to the fallen pictures.

Tawnie started to shuffle through her own set of photos looking for some rabid animal in the treeline.

Penny slid through the shots covering the rough wood and saw nothing at first glance. “What Sadie, what is it?”

She glared at her sister shaking her head at her stupid trick, then back to the photos, squinting to see better “I don’t see…”

Her eyes focused in on something next to Tawnie. Like mist or a double exposed print, not possible for a Polaroid…

She studied the faint colors and shapes just barely able to see…

The mist wasn’t a mist at all, it was a man!

“Into the Wanderlust: The Story of Penelope Brigg” is a young adult dark fictional series about a young girl who finds herself in haunted surroundings.

When eleven-year-old Penelope Brigg moves with her family into a new house, she has no idea what outrageous and sometimes terrifying things, await her.

While trying to cope with a new set of gifts that give her privy to the paranormal, she is befriended by an otherworldly rabbit type creature, the Phooka.

She had known of ghosts before, but now her whole world gets turned inside out and upside down with the revelation that the dead do indeed walk among us. They are everywhere, and the universe has decided that she is a gifted young girl.

She finds some escape in the Phooka, her newfound friend that she half believes she may have created from her own mind. But when he shows her a portal that lies in her basement, she gets a very sobering view of the space in-between. She is forced to face that her reality is changing and she must change with it.

If by some miracle she really isn’t losing her mind – then she is becoming what the Phooka calls a Cishomin, one who mediates with the dead and guides the living through the in-between...

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The Indie Author Advocate

I’ve been involved in the self-publishing industry for almost a decade as a graphics designer and illustrator. I’ve consulted with many writers just like you. I know how difficult it can be to get your idea off the ground. To write and publish a book. What you may need is just a little support to get you there.

I also know that the process of establishing your presence online can be difficult. You need an effective platform to pursue your passion. Growing your network and launching a best-seller should be fun and rewarding.

Having an online business and blog focused on serving independent authors, I found myself endlessly researching and writing, creating content to grow my business. I love writing about what I’ve learned and I love being able to help others succeed with their talent and passion.

Over the years I’ve helped writers develop their platform and brand – the theme and style that encompasses who they are in the publishing world. I’ve consulted many of my clients on nearly every aspect of authoring from concept to launch. My goal has always been to help the writers I work with achieve their writing goals and find success.

Coming Soon

You want to learn how to design a book cover like the pros? That’s what I do, I’m a professional book cover designer.

I started out as an illustrator for ACE Books in New York and began designing book covers independently in 2012. I’ve worked with many successful authors since then, with many independent authors.

This book is unlike other cover design books in that I will share the real secrets behind cover design. What it really takes to create a great cover, and where we really get our images. These are things you won’t learn from any other professional designer. I will be straight to the point and give you the concepts and rules to help you design with the best of them.

What you’ll learn in this workbook will save you what may have been weeks, months, or even years of frustration and give you clear focus as you work toward your writing goals.

The truth is that the most effective way to engage people and keep them coming back is through an author branded blog.

A well-designed platform can make the difference between a flop and a best-seller. Defining your brand is the first step for any author. Setting up your unique author platform properly is crucial, and building your brand with this workbook will help you do it right.

When it comes to branding, I follow the same process for authors every time, and it works! I know this guide will get you exactly where you need and want to be.

Children’s Books

Yutu is a fifteen-year-old Inuit boy who lives in the Arctic region and is closely watching a family of polar bears. Solar is a large male, Climate is a female, Ice and Snow are the cubs, and all will learn what survival will be like in a new world of melting ice.

It’s an exciting and sometimes dangerous journey full of beautiful scenery and lots of other Arctic animals that they meet along the way.

Yutu’s parents head an Arctic conservation team. His father is an environmentalist, and his mother is a marine biologist. Together they team up with Yutu’s best friend, who is a veterinarian. Yutu’s younger sister, who is a photographer, also tags along to capture the animals on film. His grandparents tag along to make sure this journey supplies them with enough clothing, shelter, and food.

It will be a long journey as they follow the bears through the brutal and fragile terrain of the Arctic, hoping to find a way to save them from extinction.

Lords of the Arctic is an ongoing series that will take the reader through the winter, spring, summer, and fall in the Arctic and Antarctic. It will focus on the many animals that live there: such as narwhals, penguins, seals, and whales, to name a few. This series will teach children the importance of becoming guardians of the Earth and doing their part so future generations of all matter of life can survive and thrive.

Teachers can add these books to their classroom curriculum. Climate change is a reality that their students need to know about. This series will introduce students to climate change and its effects on the environment on the most northern and southern continents.  Children will learn about the Inuit Indians, Arctic animal life, the geography of the Arctic regions, and how Yutu and his group measure the effects of climate change. Most importantly, they will learn what they can easily do themselves to battle this global crisis.

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