7 Tips On Writing Great Book Reviews

I love books and believe everyone should leave reviews of the books they read. Reviews help readers decide if a book is worth reading, they also help authors to learn what they can improve on. Obviously a book review isn’t just summarizing the content of a book. If you want to get better at writing reviews, like I do, then these tips are the help you’re looking for.

Have You Shared Your 2021 Writing Goals?

I just launched my writers website and blog on New Year’s Day so I have lots of goals for the coming year. Mostly I’m looking forward to meeting new writers, reading some great writing, and learning as much as possible!

My Current Writing Nightmare!

Line after line of pointless explaining… boring myself to death with all the “I know you lack an imagination so let me spell it out for you” crap.

Rehashing an Old Story Plot

Have you ever done that? Have you picked up an old story idea, decided it wasn’t half bad, and started hashing out the details?