Have You Shared Your 2021 Writing Goals?

For those of you who know me from my other blog, you’ll know that I write A LOT of non-fiction, but none of you were aware that I write fiction too. SUPRISE!

What I’ve learned in the first week from some writer’s and authors I follow is that I should map out some goals for the year – tell the world – and plan accordingly.

I suppose this is the best way to get real with my writing and hold myself accountable.

So here we go…

1. Make Time to Write ALMOST Every Day

I know this is the obvious goal right? We writers all want to be steadfast and productive with our writing.

It’s really not that simple though when you have that full-time day-job, kids, husband/wife/significant other, chores, etc. And if you’re serious about your writing, you know that we all have similar complaints, but we have to push through it.

Carve out that necessary time. So here you go! Number One – if you’re a writer then write! (hoping for five days a week) wink!

2. Re-Outline My Book(s)

If you’ve seen my previous blog post you know that I’m rehashing an old story plot – breaking it down into three books.

I had this great story idea about four or so years ago – wrote this beautiful story outline, wrote about a third of what the book should be and then quit for various reasons.

Well now that I’m jumping back into it I can see that the story outline is just too huge, way too much to accomplish in just one book.

Breaking up this outline and still hitting all the “peaks and valley’s” is no easy task, so wish me luck. There will be a lot I can expand on though, so that will actually make for more entertaining reading in the end.

3. Blog at Least Twice a Week

I don’t think this will be too difficult, and I’d like to blog even more than twice a week. I still have to blog for my business though, so I’ll need some creative time management.

I do have some great ideas to write about for this blog and I’m excited to get started!

4. Build My Network

I want to take some serious time connecting to the people in my network.

I want to read their blogs and not be so shy about commenting.

Networking includes social media. I know all the how’s and whys of networking, I just need to break through my personal barriers and go for it.

I’m looking forward to meeting people I can learn from, be inspired by, and promote.

5. Do Regular Book Reviews

It’s not that I don’t leave reviews, because I do, I’m just not very skilled at it.

I have some research to do and some practice to commit to.

Feel free to recommend a book to me, or your own book!

And any advice you have on reviewing, I’d love that!

6. Keep Learning

There is always more to learn as a writer, I will always be in a stage of development.

I want to keep my mind open to learning.

What are your writing goals for the new year?

Published by Michelle Rene Goodhew

Book Cover Designer and Illustrator

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