Rehashing an Old Story Plot

As an aspiring author and former illustrator for ACE Books in New York, I have always had a deep love of books and a profound respect for writers.

I freelance as a graphics designer and illustrator now and work mainly with indie authors. But I’m always drawn back to my love of writing.

I’m sure it sounds silly, but ever since I won a Young Authors Award in grade school I’ve been hooked. You know, that contest they have to get kids interested in books and creative writing, I just loved it!

I entered every year but only once had a great idea that got me a ticket to the Young Authors Conference. Nerd that I am, that was the highlight of my childhood. The magic of books. Meeting real-life published authors, I was totally inspired, and it stuck.

Today, like many, I’m a writer who dreams of being published. So, I’m putting aside the time to finally focus on my writing career.

I’ve written three works of fiction in my adult life and they ended up in the trash. I had a lot to learn and those manuscripts just proved it.

I had clung to them for years like Gollum to that ring… My Precious! All that work to write them, you know?

But then I started working with writers and writing about writing for my business blog and ouch, harsh reality, I sucked as a writer.

It felt like some horrible weight had lifted. I lit a fire in the fire pit and tossed them in. Goodbye, good riddance, on to the next.

My writing focused solely on my blog for my business for the next eight years – I wrote a bit of fiction, did some serious story plotting. I’d get a few chapters in and realize I still didn’t have what it took.

I had great ideas, but I hadn’t found my voice yet, so business blogging it was!

Over the years I’ve learned a ton about writing and written a ton about what I’ve learned. Somewhere in that process I’ve found my voice! Miracle of miracles!

So here I go again! Happy New Year!

I decided to pick up where I left off writing a paranormal fantasy that I set aside years ago.

Have you ever done that?

Have you picked up an old story idea, decided it wasn’t half bad, and started hashing out the details?

Boy did I have a lot of details already! All that learning about plotting paid off, lol!

I’d stopped writing, not so much because my voice hadn’t yet developed, but because my plot structure felt like trying to force an apple to be just like an orange. Two major story lines that maybe shouldn’t be merged, or couldn’t be merged.

But now looking at the old plot I can see that my issue was really just trying to cram way too much story into too few pages. My story idea was a big one, but a good one.

It’s got legs! I hope, lol!

That’s where I’m at this morning. I’m tearing my plot apart, turning three acts into three books! Now I’ll have some room to make some magic happen if all goes according to plan.

Wish me luck my friends! Your encouragement and advice are welcome!

Published by Michelle Rene Goodhew

Book Cover Designer and Illustrator

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