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Michelle Rene Goodhew


As an author and former illustrator for ACE Books in New York, I have always had a deep love of books and a profound respect for writers.

I found a love for words and writing before I was old enough to go to school. I have two older sisters who loved to play teachers and made out lessons and reading assignments for me regularly. I was reading stories in the Reader’s Digest before I could tie my own shoes – even if some of the bigger words were hard to comprehend. I loved books and I loved to write – I was hooked. That’s where my passion for this industry developed. This is my happy place!


I soon started writing my own stories! I won my first author’s award when I was in grade school, but I had written my first book by the age of four, The Swan. Although the title was lacking, being fully illustrated made up for it. I bound the book in cardboard laced with bright orange yarn and offered – what I saw as a treasure – to my mother. I have it now, tucked away somewhere. Mom brought it out of hiding and gave it back to me as a keepsake when I got my first paid commission as an illustrator over 20 years ago.

I became an freelance graphic designer in 2012, and have worked with indie authors, best-selling authors, and contracted with several publishing agencies. I also continue to illustrate children’s books and some book covers on request.


Over the years, I’ve soaked up everything I can find about self-publishing –  I’ve found it helpful to my clients who have tons of questions most of the time, all having to do with the process they’re facing. Self-publishing is work, and if you don’t have a well-structured plan for your launch, your book may get lost before it’s ever discovered. I try to help as much as I can.

Having an online business and blog, I found I’ve had to create content to grow my business. I love writing about what I’ve learned and I love being able to help others with their talent and passion.


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I write paranormal fiction, non-fiction guides for independent authors, and I write/illustrate children’s books…


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